Bolt (2008)

Bolt is a superdog. Or so he thinks. In this Truman Show-esque adventure, Bolt finds out that he’s not really a superdog, but just an ordinary dog. But after teaming up with Mittens and Rhino, even ordinary dogs can go on super adventures.

Where: Netflix
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Rating: PG
Release Type: Theatrical

I’ve realized that for animated movies it can be a bit harder to judge the cast because they are “only” acting with their voices. The animation team deserves credit too. So for the rest of this marathon I will be including characters as well, when appropriate/needed.

+3 for John Travolta as Bolt. Well, to be honest I feel like just about anyone could have voiced Bolt; but he did an excellent job.

+5 for Bolt. Oh my goodness, he’s such a good boy. His movements were so dog-like, they were perfect. I made my own dog cuddle with me during most of the movie (Ok, “made” is a strong word. You know she was happy. She’s such a good girl).

+5 for Sussie Essman as Mittens. Her voice was perfect for a street cat.

+5 for Mittens. Street-wise cat. She cracked me up so much.

+5 for Rhino. He was just the cutest little hamster.

Score: 23

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+20 for a great storyline and writing. Lots of funny moments with perfect emotional tugging moments.

+5 for fantastic pacing. I was actually surprised when the movie was finished.

Score: 25

+5 for family friendliness. I may have missed what made this PG instead of G, but I didn’t see anything objectionable.

+5 for the moment when I’ve never been more happy that a port-a-potty was empty.

+5 for the quote, “Do the dog face.”

+5 for the pigeons and their absolute glee over what they’ve done.

+5 for the giggles that happened when I realized it was the hamster changing the channel.

+1 for watching again. It got me out of a no good very bad day mood; and that’s saying a lot.

Score: 26

Shout out to my friend that told me I’d enjoy this one. She was right. It was one of those weekends where just everything has seemed to gone wrong and I had hoped this would help. It did.

Total Score: 74

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