Detour Alert: On the Basis of Sex (2018)

Based on the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg; we follow her early journey of fighting for equal rights.

Where: On Demand
Rating: PG-13
Release Type: Theatrical

+10 for Felicity Jones. She brings many levels to her character. Through both fear and bravery; she shines an empathetic light on Ginsberg.
+10 for Armie Hammer as Martin Ginsberg. They perfectly cast these two together.
+3 for Chris Mulkey. He’s a character actor that has been in everything (he’s got 250 credits on IMDB). He is fantastic and I feel like he really had a chance to shine even though his role wasn’t that large.

Score: 23

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…)
+15 for a decently crafted movie. To be honest; nothing really struck me as amazing; even the story line. The pacing seemed a bit off. The movie starts with Ginsberg’s first day at Harvard and spends a bit of time there before jumping 10 years to highlight some of her early work.

Score: 15

+3 for family friendliness. Its rated PG-13 for “for some language and suggestive content”… I did end up breaking up watching the movie over two nights; but I don’t remember what the suggestive content is. Unless its referring to some of the more misogynistic moments?
+1 for watching again. This review probably feels a bit lackluster; and that is because that’s how I felt watching the movie. I am curious to watch it again at another time; but this has made me really want to see RBG. I really went into this movie not knowing anything about Ginsberg and while I feel like I may know a bit more about her personality I don’t feel like I came away with a clear understanding of her accomplishments.
+10 because it didn’t get overly political… I mean unless you believe that women shouldn’t work outside of the home, I didn’t find the movie to touch on anything overly liberal or political. I also didn’t find the movie preachy either. That was one of my bigger concerns going into the movie.
+10 for an amazing depiction of marriage on screen. Ruth and Martin love each other dearly. When he develops cancer as a second year law student; Ruth takes his classes on top of hers. When he knows it would mean everything for her stand before the judges; he advocates for her to do so. She supports him and he supports her.
+5 for this little exchange:

“Esteemed colleagues, ladies. This is only the sixth year women have had the privilege to earn a Harvard law degree. This little soiree is our way of saying welcome. My wife Harriet and I are very glad all nine of you have joined us. Let us go around the table, and each of you ladies report who you are, where you’re from, and why you’re occupying a place at Harvard that could have gone to a man. “
…… a couple of minutes later……
“Uh, Mrs. Ginsburg, actually. My husband Marty is in the second-year class. I’m at Harvard to learn more about his work, so I can be a more patient and understanding wife.”

Score: 29

Score: 67

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