Emma (1996)

Spoilers in Post: No
Where: Starz
Rating: PG
Release Type: Theatrical
Plot: Emma is a spoiled rich girl who thinks she knows about life and love. But she doesn’t, not really.

+2 for Gwyneth Paltrow. Ok, so this is more of a nostalgia rating. But it still stands.
+5 for Jeremy Northam. A fine Mr. Knightley, indeed.
+2 for Alan Cumming. Normally he’d score a +10 from me on just about everything, but I have found that I prefer more traditional pretty boys in this role and while I absolutely adore Alan Cumming, well… I think he’d make a most excellent Mr. Collins. (Most excellent, indeed).
+2 for Juliet Stevenson. She’s perfect in this role.
+2 for Ewan McGregor as Frank Churchill.
-1 for Ewan McGregor’s wig.

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+4 for writing. It was easy enough to know what was happening and to follow along.
+3 for directing. And this is when its dangerous to rate movies I’ve seen upteen times. This time I noticed something rather odd – all of the close-ups had this soft, fantasy lighting that was not present in group shots. It was actually rather distracting and ended up annoying me a bit.

+4 for family friendliness.
+2 for re-watching. I’ve found this one has lost its sheen in comparison to the Emma mini-series. But its still fun to watch.

Total Score: 25

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