Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Lilo is the young, misunderstood orphan raised by her sister. Stitch is the monster everyone fears. Can they help each other be understood?

Where: Netflix
Rating: PG
Release Type: Theatrical

+8 for Tia Carrere. I kept going – “I know this voice. Where do I know this voice from?” I was momentarily saddened because I feel like she should be more famous than she is but looking at her IMDB I see she’s done a lot of voice over work. So she is working! Yay!
+10 for Daveigh Chase. Her voice just breaks my heart at times. Perfection.
+4 for Stitch. Over all his animation and voice together made for a funny little monster. Never was quite sure why everyone hated him so.

Score: 22

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…)
+20 for the screenplay. I had seriously forgotten how funny this movie is. I found myself laughing so much. But also the moments between Lilo and Nani. And how much Lilo just wants to be loved for being herself. And how Stitch; the monster changes because of love. Because of family. Because of ‘Ohana’.

No, this movie didn’t touch my very soul. Not at at all. That’s not tears you spy – ninjas are cutting onions near me.

-5 for the animation. It really bothered me that it seemed apparent that they used the very same template for all of the little Hawaii’n girls and all of the older teen Hawaii’n girls and maybe, if we were lucky, they changed the shades just a tad bit. I felt that was incredibly lazy with the animation – and something that I hope Disney couldn’t get away with 18 years later…

+5 for the soundtrack. I love Elvis; so its fun to dance around to his music while watching a movie.

Score: 20

+4 for family friendliness. I can see why its rated PG and there are some themes that could be upsetting for some children.

+5 for watching again. I’m really not sure how I’ve not seen this movie since 2002. It needs to go in my regular rotation of movies; for sure.

+5 for the quote: :”Ohana” means “family.” “Family” means “no one gets left behind.” But if you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you though.” — Break my heart, why don’t you Lilo.

+5 for the quote: “We’re sisters. That’s our job.”

+5 for the quote: “Saved the planet, once. Convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species. “

Score: 24

Total Score: 66

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