Music and Lyrics (2007)

Alex Fletcher is a washed-up has-been; Sophie Fisher is a neurotic writer; can they find their way back into love?

Where: Netflix
Rating: PG-13
Release Type: Theatrical

+15 for Hugh Grant. Hugh is so freaking adorably charming in this movie. He plays the washed-up has-been a little to well.
+15 for Drew Barrymore who is also freaking adorably charming.
+1 for Haley Bennett who I just really don’t understand why she’s not had more roles (she plays Cora so perfectly absurd)
+5 for Brad Garrett. He’s perfect as the slightly prickly manager.
+5 for Kristen Johnston, the perfect older sister.

Score: 41

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…)
+20 for an awesome soundtrack -AND- all of the 80’s music puns.

Seriously, just listen to this earworm:

+10 for the writing. This movie makes me laugh again and again. Granted; it may be because I am a child of the 80’s and was at the right age to grow up admiring Drew Barrymore and then being at the right age to have an early crush on Hugh Grant; but overall this is a seriously fun movie.
+10 for well done directing choices; including sight gags to make you laugh.
-2 for the age difference. Ok, so I was ready to give a -5 for the age difference between the leads; yes, even though I love them. But then I saw it was only 15 years difference. That is slightly more acceptable (although barely as Barrymore was 32 and Grant was 47 when the movie came out), but still a bit much. Although, really that is part of the plot of the movie.

Score: 38

+5 for watching again. Fun fact, when this was recommended to me I had just re-watched it. Did I use this as an excuse to watch it again? Of course!
+1 for family friendliness. There are some visuals that some families would not find appropriate.
+1 for the exchange that proceeds, “I’ve been sleeping with a clown above…”
+1 for the quote, ” What’s the next line? Feelings? Nothing more than feelings? You people disgust me.”
+2 for the quote, “They had that ridiculous hair; those ridiculous outfits…oh my god, you’re one of them.”
+2 for the VH-1 Pop-up inspired video at the end.
+1 for Hugh Grant’s dancing. Cause the man looks so ridiculous doing so.

Score: 13

Total Score: 92

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