Northanger Abbey (2007)

Spoilers in Post: No

Where: PBS Masterpiece on Amazon (Free 7 Day Trial)

Rating: PG (Um….hmm…. see Family Friendliness notes…)

Year: 2007

Release Type: Television

Plot: A sheltered, naive young lady is introduced to fast paced society where she is romanced by two very different men and learns more about life, love, and whether the real world is like books.

Scoring Notes: generally a +5 is the highest I will give a component. A -5 is the lowest. If it goes beyond that, then you know I am quite serious

+5 for Felicity Jones. She is adorable as naive Catherine Morland.
+10 for JJ Field. Oh! He’s Nobley from Austenland. No wonder he seemed so familiar. And his voice. There’s something about the depth of his voice combined with his accent. Pretty sure I could listen to him read the phone book.
+5 for William Beck. He pretty much exemplified playing a crass creep. I liked how subtle he wasn’t.
+5 for Carey Mulligan. I haven’t seen her wrongly cast yet.

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+5 for overall direction. Engaging, fast-paced. (Ok, maybe a little too fast at times). I am not at all familiar with the Northanger Abbey plot (indeed, I had to look it up on Wiki). But I was able to follow along with the story quite well.

+5 for the writing. Lots of funny lines.

+2 for family friendliness. This one is less family friendly than the majority of Austen adaptations, but more friendly than the 1999 Mansfield Park. Included is one character who uses a word that the most conservative viewers would find offensive (and a word that most parents wouldn’t want their children repeating) and an unmarried woman shown in bed (great teaching tool for not trusting the narcissistic among us).
+5 for watching again. I quite enjoyed the movie.
+5 for Catherine’s wonderful character growth.

Favorite Quotes:
“Now I must give you one smirk, then we can be rational again. “

“Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it? “

“No-one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy would have supposed her born to be a great heroine. Her situation in life, the character of her father and moth, and her own disposition, were equally against her. The Morlands were, in general, very plain, and Catherine, for many years of her life, as plain as any. Neither was it very wonderful that Catherine, who had, by nature, nothing heroic about her, should prefer cricket and baseball to dolls and books. But by the age of 15, appearances were mending. Catherine Morland was in training for a heroine. “

Total Score: 42

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