Premium Rush (2012)

Wylie is a bicycle delivery courier in New York City. He uses his wit and skills to transverse some of the trickiest traffic on the planet. What does he do when one of New York City’s Not-So Finest is after him?

Where: Crackle
Rating: PG-13 (Mostly for language with a bit of violence)
Release Type: Theatrical

+10 for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’m not sure he’s turned in a bad performance yet. Although this character really didn’t seem much of a stretch for him.
+1 for Dania Ramirez. Ok, so… I am not a fan of this actress. I only know her as Jacinda on Once Upon A Time (where she played one of the Cinderella variants.) I’ve always found her to be too pouty and moody on screen. At least here it seemed to work, which is why I’m even giving her a point.
+1 for Michael Shannon. To be honest he was pretty bland in the role and I felt like anyone else could have played it. He was just okay-ish.
+4 for a well rounded supporting cast.

Score: 16

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…)
+5 for an original idea and executing decently well. I’m not aware of many Hollywood outings that use bicycle couriers as a plot device (Dark Angel is the only other one that comes to mind). This made a rather cliche crime thriller plot into something much more entertaining.
+10 for Directing. The movie had some great shots and while utilizing flashbacks to tell part of the story; it worked by keeping the momentum going.
+0 for a confusing storyline. Ok, so normally I would be giving a negative score if I was confused during the movie but I’m going to give this movie a break. Why? Because I had so many technical difficulties with watching this movie that I had to restart it 5 times. I was supposed to have watched it on Wednesday. It is now Sunday. I’m not sure if the reason I could never figure out why the package was so important to the cop was because of these issues or if it was because it wasn’t truly made clear.But yeah; I still don’t know why the cop was after the package and I only slightly understand why the package was so important. Either I missed something very important or it just wasn’t the clearest exposition.
+3 for a fun soundtrack
+5 for the, sometimes funny, sequences when Wylie is trying to figure out the best course to take.

Score: 23

+10 for diversity. Oh my goodness was the movie diverse. I felt like I was actually watching what I imagine true representation for bike couriers to look like. I mean, I know I’m assuming but maybe I’m not?
+2 for family friendliness. It’s rated PG-13 and its mostly a bit of language and some violence. The violence isn’t actually too bad (For those who don’t know me, for me to say that – it means the mass majority of people over 13 wouldn’t probably go “Violence? What violence?”).
+0 for watching again. I’ve seen the first 20 minutes 3 times now. I don’t really want to watch it again.
+4 for all the fun bicycle tricks throughout the movie.

Score: 16

Total Score: 55

A Facebook friend (meaning someone I’ve not actually met in real life) recommended this one to me and she indicated that she had been surprised by how much she enjoyed it when she saw it – that she hadn’t known much about it going into it. I will say even though it ended up ultimately scoring pretty low, it is a fun popcorn flick and since its currently free on Crackle, it’s worth checking out.

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