Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Ralph and Venellope are back again! When tragedy befalls one of their beloved arcade games; Ralph and Venellope try to save the day by exploring the internet.

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Rating: PG
Release Type: Theatrical

+5 for John C. Reilly. He’s still affable and eager in this one and his voice is convincing as Ralph.

+2 for Sarah Silverman. Same score; her unique signature is perfect for Venellope.

-1 for Jane Lynch. Not that I didn’t want her in the movie – I did – but that she ended up delivering her lines in much the same way she would have as Sue Sylvester on Glee. I found that disconcerting.

+10 for all the Disney Princesses. I was impressed that not only were they willing, but managed, to have all of the former Disney Princesses (that are still among us) to re-voice their characters. That was so super special.

+5 for Gal Gadot’s Shank.

Score: 21

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+20 for the Disney Princesses scenes. They were definitely the best thing about the movie. Which, in a way, is a disappointing because the best thing should have been Ralph and Venellope.

+10 for the soundtrack. Generally a good original soundtrack shouldn’t be that noticeable; but there were times when I was grinning from the way they incorporated sound into music.

+3/-3 for the musical sequence. So yeah; I can’t decide if I hated the musical sequence or if I found it funny in its absurdity.

+10 for the artistry/creativity. Little things like seeing the birds from Twitter or how avatars were represented. I found delight in many of these cameos/site gags/representations.

-3 for the overall plot. Yes, there were some funny moments, but some of the plot was absolutely distressing. While, in many ways, I can see what the creators were trying to go for, I was left disappointed with many of the actions of the characters.

Score: 37

+4 for family friendliness. I’ll be honest; there is a monster that creeped *me* out, big time. I’m not sure how some younger kids would respond.

+1 for watching again. Which I will. For the Disney Princesses, if nothing else.

+1 for the quote, “First rule of the internet, do not read the comments.”

+2 for diversity. Between Yesss and a moment when the Disney Princesses turn the tables on cliche, there were some great diverse moments.

Score: 8

I had missed out in seeing this movie in the theater. When it was finally available to rent/buy I asked my friends if I should just go ahead and buy it. The response was a bit mixed but leaning more towards a collective disappointment over the movie. While I feel that I did enjoy the movie more than most, I found that the tone was uneven and didn’t evoke the feelings of warmth and love that the first movie did. Part of that is because Venellope is growing up; so to speak. In the first movie she acted much like a small child. Here she’s more of a teenager. Some of the themes were a bit more advanced due to this. And I think we all wanted Venellope to stay young.

Total Score: 66

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