Sense and Sensibility (1995)

It is appropriate that I end this marathon with the fist Jane Austen movie I would have ever seen (I probably saw Clueless first but I don’t think I would have known it was based on Emma at that time).

The Dashwood family has been upended after the death of their patriarch. His elder son (from his first marriage) has inherited the estate, and so Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret must move to a smaller home. Through it all they must navigate society, men, and their own emotions.

Where: Starz
Rating: PG
Release Type: Theatrical

+20 for Emma Thompson. I knew, and was a fan, of Emma Thompson when this movie came out. She was the driving force behind this adaptation and it clearly shows throughout the movie.

+20 for Alan Rickman. I don’t think I need to give a reason, do I?

+5 for Kate Winslet. She probably deserves a higher ranking as she was so perfect in this role, but I’m gonna say this…..

+5 for Kate Winslet and nearly age appropriate casting. One of the things that I’ve always struggled with this adaptation is the casting of actors that were nearly twice the age of their characters. Seriously, this makes Beverly Hills 90210 look good. So with a heavy heart I must also say…..

-20 for all of the inappropriately aged actors throughout the film. Yes, it hurts me to say it, but Elinor was 19 in the novel (Thompson was 36!), Marianne was 16 (Winslet was 20), Brandon was 35 in the novel (Rickman was 49!). While I am still glad to have had their performances, its still jarring to watch.

+5 for Hugh Grant. A perfect performance.

+3 for Imogene Stubbs who turned in a total BEC performance.

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+20 for everything. This is another one where everything worked together beautifully. As I said, it’s one where its quite obvious that everyone was in love with the source material and wanted to present something fantastic.

+4 for family friendliness. Its rated PG for a reason, but those reasons are also incredibly minor.
+5 for watching again (and again and again)
+5 because who wouldn’t fall in love with Alan Rickman reading to her?

+10 for a scene that I’ve decided I must rate. Its the moment when one of our beloved heroines finds out that the man she loves isn’t married. It’s one of my favorite moments in any movie.

Total Score: 82

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