The Holiday

Title: The Holiday
Where: Own
Rating: PG-13
Theatrical or TV: Theatrical
Year: 2006

Plot (from IMDB): “Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love.”

Scoring Notes: generally a +5 is the highest I will give a component. A -5 is the lowest. If it goes beyond that, theyn you know I am quite serious 

+10 for Eli Wallach for stealing the movie
+5 for Jack Black who isn’t a typical romantic lead
+3 for Kate Winslet
+5 for all the fun little cameos throughout the movie

+5 for an original idea

+4 for pretty good dialogue

+1 for a diverse cast for a non-standard romantic lead
+3 for the introduction of the phrase “Meet Cute” to non-Hollywood types.
+5 for the quote “You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life…”
+2 for the quote “I have a cow and I sew. How’s that for “hard to relate to”?”
+5 for the quote “Call me old fashioned but one doesn’t have sex with women who are unconscious.”
+20 because I would watch it again (and again and again and again)
-3 for family friendliness (depends on the family, but I would say inappropriate for most under 15, mostly due to comments/themes/world view).

Total Score: 65

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