About Me

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Hello! I am a geek who loves movies. Every Christmas I will have a Christmas movie marathon. In December 2018 I started posting these fun little reviews on Facebook and some of my friends seemed to really enjoy them. I decided to combine them in one place (a blog). I hope you enjoy them!

Q. What do you mean by “diversity”?
A. Great question! In this great big world; we have a lot of different types of people. Most movies out of Hollywood represent attractive, white people in their 20’s and 30’s. Diversity, to me, means showing movies the way America is represented. People of color; people of different ages; people of different weights; etc… To me a movie can still be diverse by having only all white people but show-casing people of different ages or abilities. For example, the movie “A Quiet Place” scores highly with me because they not only include a deaf character but a deaf actress.

Q. What do you mean by “family-friendliness”?
A. Another great question! I know lots of families that have a wide range of what they allow their minor children to watch. If a movie gets a +5 (or higher) that means I believe that the families with even the most stringent requirements would be able to watch the movie. Anything below a 3 will depend on the family. Anything below a 0, even some adults may not wish to watch the movie.

Q. Can I join you watching the movies?
A. For sure! I’m trying to be better about posting the viewing schedule because I love discussion. My friends often see things that I didn’t even notice. But for the most part I am restricted to the movies that I can find both easily and cheaply.