April Marathon

The April Marathon is …..

Reader Recommendations!

Yep; I’ve been soliciting recommendations all month and still need more. These are your favorite movies. Or movies that you think no one knows about but you absolutely love. Or just a movie you think I’d like.

Leave a comment if you have a recommendation. I can’t promise I’ll watch it; but I’ll certainly give it a shot!

Recommended movies so far (although I am positive I’m not going to be able to locate some of these)

Bernie – Tuesday 4/9/2019 9PM EST
Who Am I This Time? – Thursday 4/11/2019 9PM EST
Watch Out, We’re Mad! – Saturday 4/13/2019 8PM EST

To Be Scheduled
(These are the ones that are not available with any of the services I currently have, so I’ll likely only pick a couple to rent.)
Dear Frankie
Joe vs The Volcano
Master and Commander
The Wind and the Lion
Truly, Madly, Deeply – Apparently not available for streaming
Watch Out, We’re Mad!
The Scarlett and the Black – Apparently not available for streaming
Waking Ned Devine
Ms. Pettigrew Lives For a Day
Trigger Happy – Apparently not available for streaming
The Greatest Showman
Lone Star State of Mind
Shag the Movie – Apparently not available for streaming
Hamlet 2

Premium Rush
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