Bride and Prejudice (2004)

Spoilers in Post: No
Where: Own (but saw it listed as a New Release on Hulu)
Rating: PG-13
Release Type: Theatrical
Plot: Bollywood meets Jane Austen in this Pride and Prejudice adaptation.

Scoring Notes: generally a +5 is the highest I will give a component. A -5 is the lowest. If it goes beyond that, then you know I am quite serious

+5 for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Lalita (Lizzy). She is always a fun actress to watch.
+5 for Martin Henderson. He is not a known actor, like at all, but this watch through I realized just how well he embodied Darcy. The aloofness; the proud stance; etc… He made for an excellent Darcy.
+5 for Namrata Shirodkar as Jaya (Jane). In all other adaptions Jane is supposed to be the prettiest and kindest of all the sisters. It would be impossible for Jane to outshine a Miss World winner. And she doesn’t, but she does. They managed to find an actress that rivals the other “Janes” from other adaptations. She exuded the kindness we expect from Jane.
+3 for Anupam Kher. He’s a fantastic actor.
+1 for Alexis Bledel.

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+10 for the music. Oh, did I mention this was a musical? No? Oh, whoops. So some of the music is really bad, but some of it is a ton of fun, like “A Marriage Has Come To Town” and “No Life Without Wife.”

+10 for an original idea for an adaptation. The story of Pride and Prejudice is not one that would generally translate to modern day very well. By integrating a different culture (one where arranged marriages are still considered normal); it just works.

+5 for direction

+5 for diversity. I mean, that’s obvious, right?
+3 for family friendliness. It’s a Bollywood-lite movie so even though its modern, there’s not much kissing (I’m actually trying to remember if the fountain scene includes a kiss) but some of the more modern language makes some things more explicit than the old language scene in other movies.
+2 for watching again. I’ve seen this one several times.
-5 because it really just doesn’t hold up against the other movies. It actually took me a few days to finish watching it. On its own its a blast to watch; but after seeing multiple P&P movies over the last 3 weeks; I was struggling to finish watching it.

Total Score: 49

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