Christmas Everlasting

I was going to start with Love Actually tonight, but when I turned on the TV and saw Tatyana Ali, I had to watch that instead.

Title: Christmas Everlasting
Where: Hallmark Channel (Hallmark Hall of Fame so should be available via streaming or DVD in the future).

Tatyana Ali, Dennis Haysbert, Patti LaBelle, Dondre Whitfield, and Jaida-Iman Benjamin in Christmas Everlasting (2018)

Plot (From IMDB):“Christmas is fast approaching and years of long workdays employed at New York’s top corporate law firm are about to pay off now that Lucy Toomey (Ali) will be made partner after the New Year. However, when Alice, her older sister with special needs, unexpectedly passes away, Lucy returns back to Nilson’s Bay, Wis., to attend the funeral and handle her estate. While Lucy dreads returning to her childhood home, she also feels real sorrow that she was too busy to take her sister’s last call. Once back in Nilson’s Bay, Lucy meets Peter (Whitfield), her old high school sweetheart and Alice’s former attorney, who informs her of the terms of Alice’s eccentric will that states in order for Lucy to inherit the family home, she must live there for 30 days through the holidays.”

Scoring Notes: Generally a +5 is the highest I will give a component. A -5 is the lowest. If it goes beyond that, then you know I am quite seriousĀ 

+5 for Tatyana Ali because I absolutely adore her.
+3 for the male hero (he was a bit bland. I could see potential, but he was underutilized)
+2 for Dennis Haysbert (who was underutilized)

+2 for an interesting plot twist
-5 for a random, uninteresting, fake conflict side story
+0 for the overall plot

+3 for being better than average

+10 for a diverse cast (This isn’t always that important to me, but because Hallmark has a history of how they handle POC characters, I want to recognize them for finally doing something about it!)
-2 for the white women symbolically trampling over the black main character.
-2 because of the way they handle grief
+3 on watching again
+5 for family friendliness

Total Score: 24

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