Detour Alert: Aquaman (2018)

Half-human half-Atlantian, Arthur Curry is a man between worlds. To save the planet he must claim his birthright.

Where: Owned
Rating: PG-13
Release Type: Theatrical

+10 for Jason Mamoa. I’ve been a fan of his since his other Atlantis days. And I was ecstatic when he was cast as Aquaman. That being said, and I can’t believe I am saying this, I do feel like he was a bit too shredded for the part. There were times when he seemed to be using his bulk rather than brains. But then again, maybe that’s the point. My only other real experience with Aquaman was from the series Smallville and that guy really was the stereotypical surfer dude.

+5 for Amber Heard. I’m not as familiar with her work, but I liked her in the role.

+3 for Amber Heard’s hair. I really, seriously don’t know what all that early fuss was about. Her hair was awesome. I wish I had her hair.

+5 for William Dafoe. I am used to him playing creepy or villainous characters. I really liked seeing him in a mentor role.

+5 for Patrick Wilson. Since Patrick Wilson usually plays the nice, affable, or good guy, it was great seeing him playing the baddie here.

+5 for Nicole Kidman. She had a pretty great fight scene in the beginning.

Score: 33

Production (Writing/Directing/Soundtrack, etc…):
+10 for direction. Early on I was laughing at some of the “glamour” shots. As if Mamoa needs shots to make him look even more pretty, but over all the pacing, shots and action were highly entertaining.

+8 for script/plotline. Actually, I’m being generous a bit because I actually found myself confused as the movie went from Kingdom to Kingdom. I was not expecting actual fish people. I think, now, armed with more knowledge the movie will make more sense on a second viewing.

-3 for the soundtrack. The retro sound annoyed me; its a sound that I loved in movies like Captain Marvel or in TV shows like Stranger Things, but is out of place in a modern era movie. Additionally I really did not care for the song choice when Arthur and Mera are in the marketplace. It was too on the nose.

Score: 15

+5 because this was an instabuy, sight unseen and I didn’t regret that purchase. I didn’t get the chance to see it in the theater. Normally I rent movies; but I was so excited about this one I went ahead and bought.

+5 because I am writing this review at 4am and am laughing my hiney off because of the Atlantis/Atlantis connection. I am easily amused and this is amusing me. Especially since its only know that I am getting the humor. At 4am

+2 for family friendliness. It is PG-13 for reason.

+5 for watching it again.

+5 for diversity casting. I love that they cast a Hawaiian in the role of Aquaman. I’m glad that DC looked outside of the box and went with a different choice.

Score: 22

Total Score: 70

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