March Marathon

It’s March! And while everyone else is consumed with Madness, I’m gonna keep at it with movies. Disney, to be specific. And Disney-adjacent ( like Pixar). They can be animated or live action. I’m taking suggestions now (though what I rate will be dependent on what I have access too :))

Planned Viewing Schedule

This could change at any time and I only dare to schedule this out the first week (or so). I’ll update this as the month goes on because I’d love to have discussions with people! 🙂

Friday March 1 – Wreck It Ralph – Own (but I noticed it’s on STARZ)
Sunday March 3 – Ralph Wrecks the Internet (Renting)
Tuesday March 5 – The Little Mermaid (Own) Postponed
Wednesday March 6 – Tangled (STARZ)
Friday March 8 – Mulan (Netflix)
Saturday March 9 – Pocahontas (Netflix)
Sunday March 10 – Inside Out (Own)

Other Disney movies I plan to watch:
Cinderella (2015) – Own
Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Netflix (If I can get my hands on the animated one, I plan to watch it too).
Lilo & Stitch (Netflix)
Hercules (Netflix)
Notice a theme at this point?
The Emporer’s New Groove (Netflix)
Monster’s Inc (Own)

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